Chemical Crash

The objective is to help Dr. Fox survive on the planet Reactoid while learning how to find evidence of chemical reactions.

It is meant to be a traveling game similar to Oregon Trail. It include 3 sections. in initial 'dressup' section for safety equipment, a travel section and a combat section.

Designed for Low End Devices

This game was designed to run on an Apple Ipad 2 with WebGL and older computers, with a maximum footprint of 30mb.

In order to meet these requirements, we refrained from using large numbers of objects, heavy physics, and particle effects.

Project Details

This game was designed for the Legends of Learning educational company and is included here as a portfolio piece.

Chemical Crash was created in under 40 hours. It was designed to be played in a classroom setting with a playtime of 8-10 minutes. The gameplay was targeted towards 6th graders and teachers who were capable of operating an Ipad.