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Made for the #MonsterMash2014 Gamejam, in under week!

Journey through the bowels of the Monstero corporate agriculture labs as a genetically engineered potato!

Dr. Victor Lee has created many monstrosities at the behest of his corporate masters. He has created you for another purpose.

Will you redeem your creator?

Story-Centric Gameplay

Let's admit it- who wants to spend hours trying to beat games anymore? Frankenfood features easy, story-centric gameplay so that the player can learn the tale of Frankenspud without constantly worrying about dying and such.

Real Physics

Frankenfood utilizes real physics to move around and measure impact. Enemies can not only be defeated by attacking their 'weakpoints', but you can also just smash into them with sufficient physical force.

Actual rotational movement, not just an animated sprite.

Our star, Frankenspud, moves more like a tire than a Mario character. When you roll him actual rotational force is being applied to a sphere, rather than simply being an animated sprite. Ever roll a tire when way, and then try to stop it an roll the other way? That's how Frankenspud moves!

If you notice any clumsiness, it's because well, giant rolling potatoes are not nimble at all!

Bugs and Issues

Since the game was created in a week, it's not surprising there are some bugs

  • If you get caught on the platform while collecting bottles on the 2nd level, you can hold the down key to drop through platforms. (Ala traditional games)


Keeping in the phantom-lily (Canadian)

Deja-Boo (Like Sonic the Hedgehog, Portal)


Spare the Rod