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Game entry for Ludum Dare 32 Jam


Learn about the bleak dystopian world around you through the lens of a malfunctioning children's education AI named Walter. At the command of the powers governing your people, Walter has begun censoring what it considers volatile sections of its databanks, redirecting students toward frivolous topics of little real-world significance. You have noticed this tendency and begun to chip away at its protective structures, with little luck so far.

One night, the rain pouring outside and your capsule hotel room lit only by the light from your screen, Walter's facade cracks and you gain entry to one of its banned articles. Following that article's trail leads you into your first glimpse of a world beyond your capsule - a world that Walter does not want you to see.

Tread carefully through realms of classified data, learn the secrets of the powerful and corrupt, and fend off an AI bent on cutting you off from the outside world in this visual novella. The choices you make define your connection to a world that, before tonight, you didn't even know existed - and your survival against an enemy that, before tonight, you didn't even know you had.

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