A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

SpaceCats in Space! is an animated shooter feline epic for PC and OSX that takes place among the stars. 

Experience a fast-paced, tactical twin-stick with realistic space physics, tank-style controls, and special weapon recoil.

Blast your way to glory in no-holds-barred space warfare against the evil Grolich Empire! Make those dogs pay for invading our planet!

Play as Princess Angelina Contessa III, and lead the Cougar Squadron, feline fighter pilots extraordinaire, and the elite spearhead of the Meowfyre Royal Navy.

SpaceCats in Space! strives to be one of the best twin-stick shooters Unity developers have to offer.

NOTICE 7/12/2017: This is an older gameply demo from our PAX West booth last year. We have not added the graphical update to the demo! Expect the full game to look just like the screenshots and trailer!

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Install instructions

Download the ZIP file appropriate for your operating system.

Unzip the ZIP file once the file has finished downloading.

Open the application file within the Windows file; the icon is a cougar head.

Select your desired Graphics options, then hit Play!

Activate your Keyboard and Mouse by hitting enter, or your Controller by pressing START.

Press START to play by yourself, or 2 Player for local co-operative mode.

NOTE: This demo is in the alpha stage of development; it is not representative of the full game.


SpaceCatsOSX.zip 321 MB
SpaceCatsPC 399 MB


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The game looks great, would definitely back the Kickstarter campaign and vote up on Greenlight, but cannot play the Demo as Windows Defender claims it is malware. Basing it on the trailers and screenshots alone it looks simple and easy to learn, possibly a game you could pick up and play in your spare time. I also think this game could work on something like the 3DS or the PSVita as this could do particularly well on a handheld platform. Other than that I love this game and will definitely buy if it gets released.

Yeah, I've been running into that! Trying to figure it out, stupid windows defender!

This was a fun demo ^^ I didn't know development was still going on though, since this was published a year ago. But I enjoyed the gameplay and humor. Especially the butt joke ;P

I made a let's play of it >.> I hope that's okay, and that I did the game justice!

Wow, awesome! Thanks for the play through!