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The game looks great, would definitely back the Kickstarter campaign and vote up on Greenlight, but cannot play the Demo as Windows Defender claims it is malware. Basing it on the trailers and screenshots alone it looks simple and easy to learn, possibly a game you could pick up and play in your spare time. I also think this game could work on something like the 3DS or the PSVita as this could do particularly well on a handheld platform. Other than that I love this game and will definitely buy if it gets released.

Yeah, I've been running into that! Trying to figure it out, stupid windows defender!

This was a fun demo ^^ I didn't know development was still going on though, since this was published a year ago. But I enjoyed the gameplay and humor. Especially the butt joke ;P

I made a let's play of it >.> I hope that's okay, and that I did the game justice!

Wow, awesome! Thanks for the play through!